Holy Trinity currently has a group of readers or lectors who rotate through a 3 month schedule by reading either the first or second lesson during services.  Reading scripture, especially the teachings of Jesus, is an honour and calling to faith.


A layreader is a layperson authorized by the bishop in the Diocese of Fredericton to officiate at services of worship or take a leadership role in certain parts of a service. Anglican layreaders are licensed by the bishop to a particular parish (parochial) or the diocese at large (diocesan) for a one-year term. Layreaders require annual renewal of licenses following review and recommendation by incumbent clergy. 

Holy Trinity has both parochial and diocesan layreaders who have attended training offered by both the Diocese of Fredericton and the parish incumbent. Layreaders in this special ministry rotate on a 3 month schedule.

Resources for Lectors and Layreaders

Listen to the readings here 
Explore links between readings here
Find daily readings here.

Layreader Training Courses


For more information contact the parish office at 506-847-0850 or parishofhammondriver@bellaliant.com